About …. me

my name is francesca.

i kicked ass at the hula hoop when i was a kid.

now i have a pretty sweet downward facing dog.

i’m a momma.

and a wife.

and a homeowner.

i work in the legal profession.

and will soon dabble in the yoga teachings.

i’m a rambler.

and a babbler.

jane austen is amazing.

i’d choose captain frederick wentworth over fitzwilliam darcy any day.

i read a lot of faulkner in college.

i have a lot of half read books.

and half written in journals.

i adore stories.

and a good photo.

i can get pretty riled up about pretty much anything.

i enjoys the musics.

i kind of obsessively listen to some musicians over.  and over.  and over.

i live the gluten free lifestyle happily and contentedly.

i make a pretty amazing chocolate chip cookie.

i knit.  sometimes lazily.  sometimes aggressively.

i like to make goals.

i have lots of affections for shoes.

and pencil skirts.

and red lipstick.

i really want to learn how to wear my hair up.

i think cheese and olives with a glass of wine is all one needs for a well rounded meal.


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