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The past two days have focused on an evening practice. I visited postures I have not even attempted in months. I don’t know if it is the consistency of practice or just the decision to do it. But yesterday, I listed into urdhva dhanurasana for the first time in months. There was no hesitance or insecurity. I just went up. And stayed there. It was a very happy moment.

Yesterday I read a post on Yoga Dork about “power posing.” It includes a great Ted talk about how our posture and body language betray so much about how we feel about ourselves. It kind of makes me smile to think about how “fake it till you make it” has some science behind it.

As the speaker says:
Our bodies change our minds.
Minds can change our behavior.
Behavior can change our outcomes.
In short, you “fake it” until you become it.

There is some truth to this. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been in a funk for no particular reason and not know how to “snap out of it.” I finally just let myself accept that I was feeling that way, but became determined that I would not let that influence how other people feel around me. I am not going to suck someone’s happiness because I’m miserable. And the more I force myself or “fake it,” the less I feel crappy. It does work. Hopefully by re-focusing my yoga practice, I can see the confidence carry over. Take up more space in my every day, if you will.