i’m getting married. it’s a ways away. so, we’ve decided to just sit back and take our time with the planning. we did the important stuff – booked a venue, talked to the church, set a date. the rest can wait.

sure, i look at wedding dresses and read about flowers. he looks up photographers. we both brainstorm ideas and share links of fun things. we’ve planned our honeymoon (london and paris). we have even essentially decided the first dace. i even set up a pinterest board (god, i am such a nerd).

but the nitty gritty, it can wait.

what we have both done is make a conscious decision to get healthy. for me this decision is based on fear. (and you know, it is probably not a bad idea to get healthier, live longer, move quicker, yada yada blah blah blah) i am petrified of trying on a wedding dress. i am TERRIFIED of wedding pictures. self esteem is not a good friend of mine. i’m the girl who sewed herself a skirt last year about four sizes too big. so, the idea of finding a dress that will cost a lot of money and will be heavily photographed is terrifying.

in light of all that, my only wedding planning goal for the next few months is to work on that fear. and you know, get rid of it.

but apparently once you get engaged, there is little else you are expected to talk about. the first question is always “so what’s new with the planning?” and when i say, “nothing.” it’s always met with a blank stare.  (at least with my family…) my aunt wanted to know why i had such a struggle with my weight. everyone assures me the perfect dress is out there. and my aunt also warns me (almost constantly) “there is not enough time!” (she’s apparently channeling Jack Bauer)

i’m a planner. historically, planning events is my strong suit. i’ve been a bit disheveled lately, but, trust me, when it matters – i get my shit done and together.

and the wedding is no different.  when two planners come together, expect spreadsheets, file folders, bulletin boards, checklists …

but, we have SO much time.

and yes, i know it will go super fast.  yes.  i’m aware.  i think i’ve been told that about a dozen times. 

but let me wrap my head around the wedding dress idea first.  and then, i’ll pick a favors and gifts to make. then i’ll be asking for your help. and you better show up with your glue gun.

but until then, ask me something else … anything else … first.  have you heard, i decided to go peggy olson at work?  ask me how that’s going before we get to wedding stuff…