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i like music. a lot. i like seeing live music. a lot. if i can see a band for 20 dollars and under, i’ll usually try my best to make it happen. this is great for me since i listen to a lot of “less popular” artists. this is also sometimes known as “indie” or “alternative” or “whatever label we feel like attaching this morning.”

but there are a few people i will pay above the $20. a precious few.

  1. bruce springsteen. he is actually in the “i don’t care what the damn price is, i’m fucking going” category.
  2. foo fighters. i have dave grohl love in the worst way.  but i’d probably care a little bit about the price here.
  3. ray davies.  i had the pleasure of catching a show of his a couple years ago.  one of the best i’ve attended in recent years.  also would not care about the price.  i’d go. 
  4. todd snider.  the highest i’ve paid for him has been $30.  would go higher.  worth all of it. 
  5. ani difranco. this would be purely for the associated nostalgia.

and honestly, that’s it.  and really, the only priority here is bruce.  i’ve never seen him live.  i’ve been a ridiculous fan since i was about 10  or younger.  it’s time.