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apparently, the crazy half of the republican party has traveled back in a time machine to a time when birth control was never spoken.  i say the crazy half, because i firmly believe that not all republicans are crazy.  this bizarre breed of crazy, fucked up, religious stumping, righteous asshattery is not the entire party. 

but i digress, that’s a debate for an entire day.  this debate over planned parenthood, birth control access, abortion and most reproductive health issues as they impact women makes me ill.  and then i got pissed.  i got pissed because rush limbaugh called me a slut.  well, not me personally.  but by implication. 

because i take a birth control pill.

i’m not even going to get all angry about how these decision makers are hypocrites who want less government unless it’s about a women’s uterus and vagina.  then it’s “MORE MORE MORE.” 

or about how a woman or a couple deciding to use birth control in a monogamous relationship is smart.  and healthy.

or about how a single woman using birth control because it’s better than the undesired pregnancy.

no.  i’m going to call out rush for saying that 18 year old me is a slut for deciding to take birth control because she was done with the monthly pain of cramps and vomiting that kept me in bed for a day or two each month.

for saying that my friend’s 16 year old diagnosed with PCOS at 13 is a slut for taking a birth control pill to balance her hormones. 

no, rush.  providing birth control to women is not paying for them to have casual sex. 

no, rush.  providing birth control does not make women sluts, prostitutes, or whores. 

no, rush.  all of what you said is bullshit.

in fact, rush, i’d wager that the viagra many men your age take are subsidized by health insurance.  (i know,  i know.  you prefer to go the dominican for your viagra.)  how are these men not sluts? 

this entire debate, discussion, insanity is gross.  transvaginal ultrasounds.  calling women on birth control sluts. whatever santorum says ever. 

this needs to stop. it just does.  maybe they just don’t understand how women’s bodies work.  maybe we can pitch in and get them all copies of “our bodies, ourselves.” 

just make it stop.