but lately i’ve been thinking of random bella stories from when she was little.  bella is now 14. she’s the oldest niece and has always had a bit of an old soul.  she’s a gorgeous, geeky, diving, reading, burping, violin playing wonder. 

earlier today i made a reference to being back in “two shakes” to someone.  and i remembered playing a game with maybe a three year old bella at the time.  she had to go to the bathroom and stopped and looked at me and “you wait here, z.  i’ll be back in 2 shakes.”

or the time she kept throwing cardboard bricks at my brother’s (her dad) head. 

or the time she was maybe 9 months old and uttered her first word “hhhhat.”

or the time we read about the mirror of erised together. 

and now.  now she says things like:

so, z, we’re heading to new york this spring and you realize that the strand is a required stop.  i mean, that is where dash and lily met and the notebook and the kiss and all of it.  and also there’s lots of books.  also, we totally should go look for shoes somewhere.  and then can we go to one of the museums? maybe natural history?  is there a science museum?  but the strand.  that has to happen.