1. when someone tells me this is going to be young and hip – they are lying.
  2. james franco will ALWAYS be daniel desario.
  3. anne hathaway still annoys me for unknown reasons.  and she will always be the princess of genobia.
  4. i don’t mind christian bale with a weird beard.
  5. amy adams is not veronica lake.
  6. justin timberlake is funnier when he doesn’t use pre-written jokes.
  7. i’m okay with the king’s speech winning.
  8. jeff bridges should just get awards for being awesome.
  9. sandra bullock was more entertaining in her two minutes than the rest of the five million hours the damn show took.
  10. repeat #9 but insert robert downey jr. and jude law. 
  11. the oscars made me temporarily forget that i usually find jude law annoying.
  12. trent reznor will go EGOT before gwyneth paltrow.
  13. even halle berry can’t make attacking your dress with a glue gun and excess tulle appealling.
  14. michelle williams can rock the pixie like no one else.  but remember that amazing dress she wore the first time she was nominated.  i miss that.
  15. nicole kidman should never go botox or blonde again.
  16. kirk douglas is kinda adorable. 
  17. matthew mcconaughay is basically too tan. 
  18. in all seriousness, there are some movies i need to get a-watching.