Yes, I titled this post a Rent lyric.  Get over it.

But, I’ve had a couple conversations these past few days about the new year and the year that’s gone by.  Specifically, the negativity that seems to come up every year at this time.  Reading through tweets, status updates, and blog posts, it seem like so many people repeat the need for 2011 to be better than the awful of 2010.

I’m not saying that no one can have a completely awful year, but my frustration with these posts is that I don’t think everyone has that sort of awful.  A year is a long time (even if it feels like it just flew by.)  It’s 365 days.  It’s five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes.  (Another Rent quote…)  There has to be some sort of positive.  And the fact that we, sometimes, have this need to focus on the negative is so frustrating.  Especially, when you’re so determined to be less negative about things.

To combat this negativity, I decided to come up with my own year in review.  Sure, this year had a few negative moments.  My brain took some interesting twists and turns in the thinking department.  My father had open heart surgery.  But, really, this was a damn good year. 

  1. I bought my own place. 
  2. I moved to a new job in Hartford where I am much happier being.
  3. I’ve made important new friends and older friendships have deepened in a way that is invaluable to me. (I love you all.  You have no idea how important you are to me and how grateful you are to me.)
  4. I learned to be grateful for the people in my life.  And to open up a bit more than I’m inclined to.  And I’m not broken. 
  5. I bought my own place.
  6. I saw Todd Snider at the Iron Horse (my favorite song writer in my favorite venue…)
  7. I saw Ingrid Michaelson a few times or five.
  8. Part One of the Deathly Hallows was amazing.
  9. Roseanne Cash @ed me twice on Twitter.  And so did Jimmy Fallon.
  10. Weezer playing “Suzanne” at the Orpheum.
  11. Weezer playing the entire Pinkerton album.
  12. I bought my own place.

And this is a small sampling.  Here’s hoping for a 2011 full of continued awesome.