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being able to breathe.  anyone who has known me for more than two years probably remembers the winter i spent unable to breathe properly.  in retrospect, it was probably a mix of stress and left over bronchial scarring due to the never ending colds i kept getting.  but, i spent nearly three months unable to properly gulp air.  or feel like i had gulped enough air to not pass out.  and you know what doesn’t help not breathing – worrying about not breathing. 

i just remembered that time of my life this morning.  and while there’s a lot of stress and craziness right now (damn knitting), i can breathe.

other things i’m grateful for:

netflix streaming, nick hornby books, the musical rent, water, good christmas music, people getting me gluten free muffins for the office holiday breakfast

OHHH and then I guess I should throw in a mention of what today’s favorite christmas song might be.  and, really, it’s an awesome song.  if a christmas song can also be pro-union and all about why collective bargaining agreements are awesome – then it’s a christmas song for me.

the song is elf’s lament by the barenaked ladies.  i’m not a big BNL fan, but this song is just too much fun.  “hand the fat man a beverage and we’ll show him that we have leverage.” 

sadly, i’m at work.  and this computer is not running the most up to date browser.  and that means i can’t embed a video for you.  but hopefully this link will work and it’s a good video.  if it’s not, i’ll try to correct it later.