i’m pretty fucking awesome. 

i forget sometimes. and get angry.  and annoyed.  and all angsty and shit. 

i’m currently overwhelmed about Christmas.  i don’t know if i’ll get everything knit.  and this upsets me.  it upsets me in what might be an irrational way.  i obsess about Christmas.  it’s probably a good thing i don’t have kids because i’m way too concerned with making this holiday perfect.  usually to my detriment.  it’s no coincidence that i’m usually ridiculously sick the first week of January.  and every year i say it’s not going to happen.  and lo and behold – here we go again.  overwhelmed.  stressed.  near tears because i don’t entirely know what i’m doing. 

so just now i looked at myself in the mirror and said – huh.  you’re pretty awesome.  now get over it.  deep breaths.  drink that frothy latte with the cinnamon sprinkled on top and take a moment.  so what if you’ve never knit mittens and the necklaces which came out so well last year are a disaster this year.  the girls will love it all. 

so that’s what i’m doing.  i’m listening to She & Him Volume One on vinyl like the good hipster i am and drinking a very frothy latte and calming the fuck down.