Snow is wonderful. I’m a big fan – even when it continues for nearly three days. I don’t play in it nearly as much as I used to, but I love to watch it and I really love the way it forces you to just slow down.

Sure, you obsess over clearing it out so you can drive out of your driveway – but until it stops you really just have to wait.
You have to take an afternoon and watch a movie. Or a soccer game. Read a book. Bake cupcakes.

I finally baked the ginger molasses cupcakes today. They were wonderful. So damn good. Really. I am so happy I found this recipe on Gluten Free Girl because I will be making more for Christmas Eve. They have that great spicy ginger taste that I’ve recently come to like. I tweaked it a bit because I didn’t have all the right ingredients at home and due to the lack of plowing I could not get out to the grocery store.

I’ve now wrapped all my little packages to bring to work for everyone. I decided I wanted to share my gluten free baking in the hopes that one day my dream of a bakery or mail order business might come true. Basically I give you presents in the hope that one day you’ll give me money to open the business.

I still need to work on my frosting skills. I’m not all that graceful and I’m intrigued to try making a dairy free frosting at some point.

I’m not quite done with my shopping and I still have to finish the grocery shopping for Christmas Eve dinner. Ohhh so many things to do….

But they will just have to wait for the snow to end.