See www.xanga.com/laliaberry for my current and soon to be old blog. This one has been up for a while and I’ve never done anything with it since it seemed to take so much effort to close up the other one. But, here I am. Again. New name. Same colors. Kind of like that new Fast and Furious movie – New Model, Original Parts. (Oh Vin Diesel how you make me laugh out loud during movie trailers.)

But I’m in the process of closing up shop on my xanga blog. I’ve been there for over four years. Started right before the 2004 election. There’s a lot of anger and sadness there. And occasionally the exceptionally written post. In light of the massive changes to my life and this country’s life it seemed like a new space and a new forum was where I should be. I tried this many times before.
And well, it never stuck. I think it will this time.

It’s a strange process – this closing up. I don’t want to remove everything – because some of it is really well done. Some of it is crap. But all of it is what I am. I am going to keep it up for a while. Or at least until I figure out a way to back it all up.